Do you want to improve your relationship or find success in a new relationship?

Occasionally in our lives we can find that our relationships don’t always run true to course. There are many ways in which relationship problems can arise, for example:

  • relationship issues within marriage

  • overcoming problems in a long distance relationship

  • friends or colleagues who have had a difference of opinion find they are unable to approach one another to make amends

  • disharmony can arise in families with teenagers putting a strain on families

  • people may have difficulty in forming new relationships, particularly when they are finding it hard to ‘move on’ from a previous break up

  • Fears and problems associated with dating


Often it can be difficult to ask for relationship advice. Whether you are looking to deal with relationship problems or are interested in building successful new relationships, hypnotherapy can help in many ways. Through the use of hypnosis, perceptions can be reframed.  Hypnosis can allow you to reappraise key events, to look at situations from a completely different perspective, and to gain an appreciation for another’s position.


You can recapture lost feelings of love, friendship, romance, and commitment which allows transformation to occur in the here and now.

  • Hypnosis can help you to re-experience past memories in a more positive way and to gain new perspectives

  • Learning effective techniques to relax and be calm around others can be a significant and positive benefit

  • Hypnotherapy can start to help you to develop greater self belief and positive thinking, leading to a new confidence in yourself and your ability to create new and successful relationships


Creative visualization techniques and learning to imagine a brighter future can help you to enjoy more successful relationships. What you believe will shape your reality, and shapes your future .


If you don’t believe that something can happen, it won’t happen.

Hypnotherapy and Relationships













We get comfortable with our expectations and before log it becomes, “You didn’t do this for me, I’m not doing this for you,” and then all of a sudden, you feel you’ve lost something; you’ve lost that essence of love and relationship.

No matter the relationship, the subject always comes back to communication. Many things can prevent the efforts of trying to improve communication between two people in a relationship. It may not be the fault of either party, even though blame is often placed as a way of making sense of the situation. That blame can cause an even larger space between the people who are making an attempt to communicate and can prevent the efforts of opening up to each other more and more.


With hypnosis as a tool, stress caused by blame and mistrust can be reduced and even eliminated. With hypnotherapy, you regress back to those powerful feelings when you first met. You can rekindle that, you can bring back the same feeling you felt when you first met. And, most importantly, you can heal the triggers which are causing the relationship to break down.


The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. We attract what we think about and focus on. We attract people who are like us, who have similar values to ourselves. Sometimes, by default, we attract those people who have qualities we do not like in ourselves, because that is what we focus upon. We create our own reality through the beliefs and emotions which we developed as children. The Law of Attraction states that to attract the right person you must be the right person and that to experience prosperity you must feel it first.

Feel it first, and it will be attracted to you.

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Inside the subconscious mind of every one of us is an image of the ideal love that we seek.

This idealized image is usually the source of intense desire, expectation, and excitement as we project it onto another person with whom we fall in love.


We may imagine that this person is our “ideal match” until our experience show us, to our profound disappointment, that this other person does not meet all the needs and expectations we placed upon them for companionship, creative inspiration, and romantic love.

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