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Exciting news!

Online Continued Support and Guidance is now available !!! 


With the ongoing demand from past and existing clients who are looking for validation in their way of thinking, wanting a confidential impartial view or even guidance and support on following through, Debbie has added "intuitive reading and guidance" into her client session options.  Of course with the ability of working online, clients can connect very quickly and save on travelling time and schedule an online 60 minute intuitive guidance session.  


What is an Intuitive Guidance Session ?


During this session, Debbie shall listen to where you are at and what you want the outcome to be.   The feeling you have about this is inside of you.   Debbie connects to your feelings and together you explore the options allowing you to see things more clearly.   At the end of the session, you shall have more calm, clarity and energy to move forward.


"I went in heartbroken and honestly confused. Debbie took time to listen. She assured me that what I am going through is natural and when i left, I felt more at peace with myself than I had in 2 years. I am now setting goals for myself to have a life I am looking forward to."


How Debbie works?

Debbie has her own unique style and facilitates sessions more from an intuitive level.


Her intuitive connection with clients enables her to feel what it feels like to have their issues/symptoms/behaviors and together work through the transformation process.  Debbie may incorporate “Breath Work” as an energy force to clear blockages and bring what needs to be worked on from the sub-conscious level to the conscious level.

Every session is different! 

Debbie will intuitively sense what is needed and guide you through your break through.

As a Hypnotherapist I work with both the conscious mind and the emotional mind, being the subconscious.  During the session my client shall be in a hypnotic state, which feels like  day dreaming, whereby we can talk together through various techniques used to resolve the issue.  This is HypnoTalk.

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What happens on a HypnoTalk session?

During the session we go back to the past event memory which caused us to perceive the negative thoughts about ourselves. 

These negative thoughts made us feel the negative emotion which we react to or act upon today as an issue, habit, pattern or symptom. 

The emotion has been simmering there within our energy channels (chakras) hence every thought has a physical reaction.   This is the Holistic part of the Hypnotalk being the mind, body and soul connection.

Holistic and Hypnotalk go hand in hand making Holistic Hypnotalk.


Living with a taste of gratitude and appreciation.

Listen to this recording will help you to reset your mindset for the day.

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Do you recognise any of these feelings?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hypnosis work instantly?

Hypnosis is a process.   It very much depends on what issue you are addressing. For example I have worked with clients on stopping smoking and after one session they have stopped smoking.

Most of my sessions we work with hypnotherapy techniques to clear conflict or to go back to the root cause of the issue and then the programming is made.  In general, I say to all clients listen to your programming for 21 days and allow the process to happen.  

Can I be brainwashed?

Hypnosis is not a dangerous procedure. It is not mind control or brainwashing. A therapist cannot make a person do something embarrassing or that the person doesn't want to do.

Will I be awake during the session?

You will most definitely be awake.  You shall be in an altered relaxed state whereby you are more acutely aware of what is going on and at the same time you are highly suggestible in taking in positive suggestions.

Can you tell lies whilst being in hypnosis?

Yes you can.  This is not a truth serum and you are in control at all times.

Do you lose control?

Most definitely NO.  You are totally in control.  You can scratch your head, open your eyes, go to the restroom.  You are fully aware and in control.

Can hypnosis force someone to do something?

Contrary to popular belief, you can't be hypnotised into doing things against your will. You can't be forced into a hypnotic state either. Instead, you allow yourself to be hypnotised. It is a voluntary altering of your own consciousness, and you are always in control.

What does it feel like being in hypnosis?

It is a relaxed state of the nervous system which has you feeling calm and relaxed similar to the feeling you get when you are drifting into sleep but you are very acutely aware.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

I would say YES unless you have a mental health illness such as dementia.

How would you describe the hypnotic state?

Hypnosis is an altered state whereby you are in a mentally relaxed state allowing the sub conscious mind to be wide open to take in powerful and positive suggestions.


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