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Good morning Debbie I wanted to first off say thanks for helping me along the journey of healing. I know without a doubt that your gifts helped me step into the woman that I have become. I can see my vision coming together slowly and I am excited that I am finally ready to show up for other women to help them. I recently became a yoga instructor and will be adding healing modalities and self development workshops to my business model as well. I am sooooo thankful you helped me to remove limiting beliefs that were within. Sending you love

May 2023 Tampa, Florida

I have been seeing Debbie for several months now and can honestly say it’s been transformative. I will admit, I was rather skeptical when I started, but I am so glad that I decided to give her a chance despite my doubts. I had some stubborn habits and deep rooted beliefs that I’ve been working to improve for years with little success, but everything I wanted to address has improved significantly since working with Debbie. I can’t tell you the positive impact this has had on my life, I feel so free and in control of my experience, it’s wonderful. I would recommend Debbie to anyone, if you’re on the fence, give yourself the gift of taking a chance. This process works if you do the work. - Victoria

August 2021 Tampa 

Don’t hesitate. Just go. Debbie’s Life Coaching work has been pivotal to me “finding myself”. I put it in quotes because I heard people say that and never knew what that actually meant. It means finding joy in every single moment in life that comes your way - the good and the bad - and aligning your own true power to that of the entire universe. It’s big stuff. And Debbie can get you there. It’s a process, but the work is so transformative if you stick with it. Go!

 August 2020 Tampa

Debbie has truly been a blessing in my life. I have been going to her now for about 4 years and every single time I go to her I have such an amazing breakthrough. I walk out feeling lighter more centered and refreshed. Her techniques are one of a kind and the way she is able to help you connect to your subconscious really helps to change your life. I recommend her to all my friends and family and will continue to do so! Thank you Debbie for all that you do!

July 2020 Tampa

We all grow a little bit every day but occasionally our own roadblocks get in the way. Debbie helped me face the roadblock, understand where it came from, and move it from my path so I could continue my journey unrestricted. We made meaningful and immediately impactful progress on my first visit. Thank you Debbie!

June 2020 - Tampa



I went in heartbroken and honestly confused. Debbie took time to listen. She assured me that what I am going through is natural and when i left, I felt more at peace with myself than I had in 2 years. I am now setting goals for myself to have a life I am looking forward to.

June 2020 - Tampa

“I have referred many of my patients over the past 5 years and continue to do so to Debbie Dubickas for Hypnotherapy.  

Many times, Debbie has been a miracle worker for my patients, helping them push through psychological barriers and keep progressing towards their goal of total emotional and psychological well being.

These are patients who mostly suffer from anxiety and depression and are on multiple medications.  At times, their medication is not enough to get them to where they want to be and feel. With hypnotherapy it takes them back to the root cause of their illness, times in their past when they first felt emotionally shut down, extremely anxious or profoundly sad.

Many of my patients tell me how easy it is to talk with Debbie. They comment how the breath work is so powerful, how it brings back memories that they had completely forgotten. It puts them in touch with their true self and results in profound insight and understanding which then lead to healing and wellness.

Whenever I sense that a patient is "stuck" due to psychological barriers from past experiences or trauma, Debbie is my "go to" person, to help get my patients back on track. She is truly amazing and never disappoints.”

Eric Weinstock, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist - July 2020

Still love therapy and still super passionate about advocating for this hugely important aspect of health!! Let's help prevent unnecessary suicides and other repressed issues by taking away the stigma of this "weird and scary thing" called talking about our feelings with someone qualified to hold space for us! 

Go see Debbie Dubickas from Soho Wellness Spa for one of the most powerful life coaching sessions you could ever imagine!

Jennifer Lacerda Chisholm - July 2020 Tampa


Debbie is the BEST. Life coaching, if you are looking to change a habit, or learn more about yourself she is the lady to see! She is also a part of a great spa. Soho wellness! 

Bianca Burrows  - 2018


Debbie is truly gifted, my experience was not only amazing but life changing! Thank you Debbie!!

John Gill  - June 2018    

I've worked with Debbie over the years and she is absolutely amazing! She has helped me with personal development as well as career coaching and the stress of business ownership. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow as a person, move past any earlier life issues or helping to keep you focused on goals and growth.

Tommy Cassidy

Working with Debbie has literally been life changing for me. I can't recommend her enough to anyone dealing with negative habitual behavior or emotional baggage. She can help you absolutely change your life if you're willing to put in a little effort and be honest with yourself and with her. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first saw her, but I was in a really bad place and had nothing to lose. She had an immediate impact. I've been a client of hers for a while and recently had a kind of breakthrough that has allowed me to feel "free" for the first time...ever. I can't say enough good things about her and I really don't know where I'd be if my doctor hadn't referred me to her. Thank you Debbie for everything!

Breath work with Debbie Dubickas has been life changing for me. Like most people, I had childhood wounds that left me aching, even in adulthood. Over the years, I tried all sorts of traditional therapy to clear these negative thoughts and patterns, but nothing really burned them through. They were still there, casting a shadow over my spirit. Then I met Debbie and she turned it all around for me. She’s wise and comforting and she’ll guide you through your darkest memories until you emerge into the light on the other side. If you want to be happier and lighter, see Debbie. If you want to transform your life, do breath work with Debbie. If you’re willing to do the work, she will guide you to a lightness of being that’s always been yours for the taking.

Karena – Feb 2016

I started Debbie’s hypnotherapy with a desire to understand my childhood fears of loneliness and rejection. After four sessions, we managed to uncover the core source of these childhood feelings and to also address these feelings.I am very pleased with the results of these sessions with Debbie and I would recommend her to anyone seeking hypnotherapy help.

David Starner - Jan 2016

Debbie is warm hearted and so wonderful at what she does. With hypnosis, she’s helped me open to a feeling of love that I’ve been wanting to feel for years but was just somehow unable to because of hidden beliefs. I don’t know how else to describe it other than to say she can help you unfurl and experience the joy and wellbeing you’ve been wanting. Hypnosis is a powerful tool and Debbie uses its deftly and with a lot of love and compassion! I’ve seen true changes working with her.

BeeBee  - June 2015


At first I was skeptical and did not fully go along with the process. When I opened up to it and did regression and breathwork, the changes happened. I was living in conflict and now I was changing. I discovered more things about myself and now feel more at peace with understanding, acceptance. letting go and believing in myself, okay being true to myself. Be patient and let it work and don’t be scared of change. This is not a pill or magic with instant results, yet it is magical. When things changed, I asked myself questions and found answers, the changes continued. Thank You for this experience and I am no more a Skeptic ! Thanks Mom for finding Debbie.

Alex - April 2015


Dear Debbie, I can’t begin to express how invaluable your mentoring has been to my personal development as a hypnotherapist. Our sessions have helped translate the theoretical knowledge I have gained into a relatable real world approach. You have a unique gift of taking concepts that seem so abstract and explaining them in very practical ways, using real world examples and demonstrating how each would apply in a clinical environment. That combined with your funny, sweet and personable nature makes every mentoring session as fun as it is informative. On top of all that, your decades of business experience and knowledge lend an insight into the workings of a small practice, beyond hypnotherapy. Your additional training in complementary modalities such as Access Bars concept and the Virtual Gastric Band makes your mentoring unparalleled. I’m truly grateful for everything you’ve done. Best regards,

Michelle - April 2015


Debbie, Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you’ve provided me during my learning process. You’ve been truly instrumental to me being able to achieve an indepth understanding of the techniquies and skills that represent a well trained hypnotherapist. The time we’ve spent together has truly added not only to my learning experience, but what you’ve shared and taught I will bring forward into my hypnotherapy practice. I truly believe that it is because of this time I’ve spent with you, I have a stronger understanding, creating a higher confidence and knowing how to succeed in my own practice. I don’t feel that I would have these understandings nor confidence without the time I spent with you. Thank you is such a small word, and could never truly express the gratitude and appreciation I have for your unending giving spirit. Because of you, I have truly achieved my goals. -Wish you blessings of success


Thank you for your help. For the experiences I had in yesterday’s session. I have some kind of “eye opener” about myself. I had a good night’s sleep and I was very calm today in the meeting when I had to talk in front of the group. I can’t explain what made the difference yet, I am sure I will know soon. Thank You very much !

M. -  Feb 2015

A special request from a client today as she said “thank you for giving me permission to prioritize myself and place my attention on what I truly want, may I suggest you offer a professional match making service ? ” – mmmm I may just do some manifesting ? Her Reply : I am the one whom suggested she become a match maker. She has taught each one of us how to heal ourselves. Every time I go to her I come away feeling “free”. She has helped me more than any other therapist. Debbie has helped me get in touch with the little girl inside of myself and has brought to the woman I am now. I am so enjoying my life, my freedom and I now realize I deserve a wonderful man in my life. I told her she knows all of her clients and knows of our “work” we each have done on ourselves. So she could suggest partners for each of us. lol So love this woman.

Pam –  Feb 2015

Your daily quotes are so inspirational. Thank you for all you do. You are one amazing hypnotherapist. In just one experience of mentoring, a little eye movement therapy…and I have nails for the first time in my life ( and I have teenage granddaughters whose nails I envied.) Thank you!

Bobbi –  Feb 2015

After working with Debbie, I’ve gained a real sense of purpose and meaning. I was unsure in the beginning if this would work, but I can say without a doubt in my mind that this is one of the most important experiences I’ve taken in my life.

M. - Jan 2015

A lifetime experience. I was a skeptic now I am a supporter ! Now fully understanding in how effective this experience has been in personal change and growth. Loving myself and others more with a deeper appreciation of change and growth – amazing

Thank you - Jan 2015

I have been seeing Debbie Dubickas for a few months now, and I could never have imagined the impact that Hypnotherapy would have in my life! When I first went to her office, I had one goal only: I wanted to get more self-confident to start working in the field that I love (music).

Well, it turned out that I not only have reached my goal to work with what I love, but I have gained so much more than I could have ever imagined!! All of my relationships have deeply changed for the better, including my relationship with my husband, with my mother, and with my sister, and with my father who lives abroad! I could honestly write a book about my personal improvement with hypnotherapy and how each session impacted me.

I have learned so much about myself and it has really made a change in my life that I never thought possible! I have been able to better prioritize my daily activities to achieve my goal of working in the industry I love, and I finally stopped “sabotaging” myself to achieve this dream! I couldn’t have done this without my hypnotherapy, seriously.

I was also able to forgive my father for being absent in my life, I have been able to understand my parent’s divorce from an entirely different angle and overcome that pain, I have been able to forgive myself for many things, and not feel guilty for others, and I have been able to better understand my mother and my sister, which clearly improved our relationships. And remember that I did not even start therapy with that in mind!!!

I started for one simple reason (to pursuit my passion) I got so much more! I got started on a journey that forever changed my life for the better! I am a more self-confident person and I can handle my relationships so much better! I don’t feel as upset with the people around me. I can prioritize my life much better and that has allowed me to reach my goals! Debbie is such an amazing therapist, she really knows what she is doing!

She is also not money driven– she will tell you when she feels you are ready to decrease your visits, and she never suggests I go there too often because she says I need to “process” each session. I can tell she is very genuine.

When she told me I was ready to start attending sessions less often (I was attending every other week at first), I was so worried! I was like, what am I gonna do without my therapy for so long? But now I am attending only once a month (per her suggestion) and I am feeling good about it! If I feel like I have something I need to talk to her about before the next scheduled session, I can call her anytime to see her earlier. She is absolutely wonderful, very trustworthy, not money driven, she is the real deal in hypnotherapy, and I wouldn’t chose any other “type” of therapy!

My sister was the one who told me about Debbie; she also sees her and she also has experienced some major changes in her life due to her sessions with Debbie!!! If you are looking for a therapist that can truly change your life, go see Debbie Dubickas and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Daniela Soledade, 28

Hi Debbie, Thank you for your patience, and understanding. You allowed me the time that I needed to move forward. Thank you for helping me to discover and overcome the beliefs that had such a debilitating hold on me since I was a child. Thank you for showing me how to forgive myself and others. I never realized how much ‘junk’ I was carrying around until you showed how to get rid of it. You have been such a blessing to me. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

Dianne – November 2014

Not enough good things can be said about Debbie. If you’ve never tried Hypnotherapy by someone who really knows what they are doing, you are missing out! Truly change your thoughts to change your actions and become free from destructive thought patterns. Life changing to say the least!

Rae - November 2014

Hi Debbie, I’m going to go ahead and cancel our appointment for Saturday. I’ve actually been doing really good and not depressed anymore (thanks to you!!). I am however going to continue listening to the tape you made for me. I find that it has helped a lot. Thank you so much for all of your help!! I really appreciate you listening to me, and for your compassion :)

Tampa, October 2014

Dear Debbie – Breathwork Thank you for all the great care and compassion you have shown me. Suffering with a situation and not knowing how to release the pain, can be a life long struggle. The paradox of knowing holding onto ones problem, can sound absurb on the surface but only starts to make sense, when one’s own story starts revealing itself. Going back to childhood and reliving my story was the start of the awakening. Dear Debbie your expertise in how to guide me inside the maze of my mind with breathwork, was the breakthrough for me. For the first time I felt the shackles that held onto me being released. There are no words to describe that feeling of liberation. I can only say, that one only knows that sense of wellbeing, when it happens. It was years of slow build up, I just had found myself accustomed to it and it was attached to me like any other organ in my body. My problem was just thriving with me in disharmony. You have already experienced my tears of joy and big hugs. Lastly, all I want to say is thanks again for everything You are the best

Tampa, October 2014

Debby, Many thanks and profound gratitude for your wisdom, compassion, kindness and amazing energy. All the best,

Sarah H, Student Graduate, Wellington, Florida

October 2014

This experience afforded me the ability to take a step back and look at the fuller picture rather than instantly re-acting. I now look for the positive perspective in everything. Life is now easier, I am free – thank you.

Tampa, September 2014

Be prepared to be surprised. It’s probably not what you think but it is most definitely something you should do. I am so pleased I am going back for more sessions.

Tampa, April 2014

Debbie is worth her weight in gold! The knowledge she brings from her private practice coupled with her experience as a business woman makes her the perfect mentor. I would recommend her to any student who is in the process of learning techniques, to the professionals who need someone to bounce ideas off. Each session with her brings true value to my practice.

Graduate Student now in Practice

April 2014

“I am so glad Debbie offered this Living Social deal. She is just wonderful, takes plenty of time to talk to you and you truly feel like she wants to get to the root of whatever it is you’re going to see her for. I definitely recommend her.. ”

Tampa – Feb 2014

When I started therapy I was a mess. I had dropped out of school, had panic attacks and fears that kept me from being happy. I doubted myself in every aspect and constantly put myself down without even realizing it. During the sessions Debbie helped me get to the root of the problems, healing them and therefore improving my life. I became calm, secure and confident in my own skin. It’s amazing the weight we carry from past experiences and how much it affects us without us realizing it. Thank you so much, Debbie. You changed my life.

South Tampa, April 2014

Debbie is friendly, genuine, and easy to talk with. She’s realistic in her goals and consistent in her actions. If you’ve never had a hypnosis session I would highly recommend. If you have, every penny spent is worth it.

Tampa, March  2014

Debbie really took her time with me and the session was not rushed at all. I really felt that she cared and was wanting to help me. Anyone would feel comfortable with her. I have already returned for my 2nd session.

March 18th 2014, Tampa

Wonderful experience. If your goal is to recharge and refocus, Debbie is a knowledgeable, caring and professional guide.

March 1st 2014, Tampa

It was the best experience of my life!!!! She was so kind and welcoming and made me completely comfortable.

February 25th 2014, Tampa

Great experience and am confident this will help with resolving my inner conflict.

February 25th, 2014, Tampa

Experience was everything I thought it would be and even more. Looking very much forward to more sessions.

February 25th, 2014, Tampa

She’s amazing! It’s been less than a week since we met, and I see a dramatic change in myself. I’m looking forward to our 2nd appointment this week! I even told a co-worker about my experience and she can make an appointment!

January 10 2014, Tampa

She is a down to earth person who helps you feel comfortable, explains her process and helps you through hypnosis giving you hypnotic suggestions to your subconscious that you go over with her beforehand and approve. Great for any problem that you have like smoking and weight loss but also can help with anything you fear or is bothering you. I highly recommend her process and have already recommended her to friends and family.

December 27, 2013

Debbie is professional and has a true passion to help people through hypnosis. I had never been to a hypnotherapist before and she made me feel comfortable and open; allowing me to heal. I am looking forward to seeing her again!

Tampa – 8/20/2013

Debbie is awesome! Very patient and kind. I would definately recommend her to friends, etc.

Tampa – 8/20/2013

It was great. Mrs. Dubicka is very nice and pleasant and at the same time professional. I highly recommend her.

Dana, Tampa - October 2nd 2013

Wonderful lady! Debbie takes so much time asking questions about what you want to accomplish and explaining every detail of what will occur when she hypnotizes you. I had been hypnotized before so I knew what to expect. For someone who has not been, I would highly recommend her. In addition, anyone treated by someone else should try her. I will be back for additional sessions for her to help me in areas of my life.

September 19th 2013

Debbie’s guidance has already improved my views about life and self assessment. She is giving me a gift of strength and confidence to proceed my life in the right path for me. Her knowledge, together with her understanding of her clients needs makes Debbie an important part of my life. I look forward to seeing her again.


I am so blessed that my wife assisted me in finding you. Knowing my needs, she read your online post and gave me your information. As we spoke during our first phone conversation, I already felt this was the connection I needed. As our sessions continued, I became aware of the fact that you were guiding me to the answers I had been search for… for so long. The peace and tranquility you have assisted me in finding, has brought me a relaxation I have never known. I can not thank you enough for your service to me. Should I find I experience negative forces in the future, I know I will turn to you for your guidance. When the mold fits, let go and let it work.


Debbie is a professional on every level I will definitely return and it is a 2 hour drive for me. I trust her. She also has a keen sense of humor.”

Ms D, Florida 23rd August 2013

I am so thrilled to let you know the big impact that hypnosis had on me. I still took the pill before the flight but all the anxiety, fears, insecurities and negative thoughts that I used to experienced a week before getting in the airplane were gone this time. You have changed my life in a very positive way, thank you so much.


Debbie is professional and I was amazed on how much was accomplished during the first session.

April 22, 2013

Such a positive experience! She is extremely knowledgeable and very good at what she does! I am already experiencing success and results!

April 10, 2013 Tampa

Very personable and professional both. She instilled trust and respect in a short time, making the session very productive. I would reccommend Debbie to anyone I know who could benefit from her expertise!

March 19th, Tampa, Florida

She sets my mind at ease, she has a wonderful tone in her voice for relaxation. Enjoying my sessions with her and I probably will purchase more sessions once my groupon is gone.

February 22nd 2013

All I can say is WOW… That was amazing what I experienced and I am still processing everything. I thank you for the journey that we went thru together and how amazing but terrifying it was. The one thing I am having trouble wrapping my mind around is what I do now that I have this information. I connected the dots of why I feel the way I do. I do feel better.. I guess this is just part of my personal journey; I know now why I feel the way I do and I have to take personal steps to put it all in place. Good lord this is some hard work cleaning your stuff out and changing after all of these years. Lol. I do think a lot of my issues stem from the past life not this one, Just a thought and a gut feeling. In one day I have become much more clear about things, it is incredible. It just amazes me how this transforms you so much and you begin to see the world in a whole new light….” Awesome Job!!!!!

Jacksonville, Florida. January 2013

She worked wonders on my son-in-law. He stopped smoking after just two sessions, the first session was just like a consultation. I’m seeing her for weight loss starting tomorrow.

Valrico, Florida January 15th 2013

She’s been great! She’s knowledgable and very sweet. Her techniques are effective and sustainable. I’d highly recommend her!

Tampa, Florida December 21st 2012

Managing my anxiety sypmtomns – I have been out driving 4 times with a passenger. It was my husband’s party last night and I felt really good about myself! I had no outfit tantrums and when I was there I didn’t feel my past usual awkward self! I am beginning to feel that i am good enough! Got really emotional re grieving my mum but I just kept crying as I thought don’t suppress these feelings and today I would have normally felt bad about crying but I don’t! I really am starting to feel changes! So thank you!

Midlothian, Edinburgh

Thank you Debbie for allowing me to become the non smoker i have always wanted to be. You have made it possible for me to make life long changes to my life all for the best. Thanks again.

Tricia, Edinburgh, Scotland

During my sessions with Debbie I have got my determination back. This determination has always been a part of me but due to circumstances, this part of me went away some years ago. Now I see me in the mirror and all my qualities. I listen to my cd programming and this has taught me self-hypnosis. I was also taught Eye Movement Therapy and do this as well to help me control pain management. Thank You I have my determination back.

Kathie, East Lothian

I can’t thank Debbie enough as I am Now and Forever a Non-Smoker. Our first meeting was a relaxing experience for me and I was drawn to Debbie’s confidence and reassuring manner. After the 3 sessions I completed the programme and cannot believe at times that I have stopped my 20 a day habit. I went on to have a further session focusing on my confidence and was regressed back to a connection with how I coped with my confidence. I was truly astonished with the connections. I am now more and more confident planning my future and still listens to my programming cd. Thank you so much.

Andrea, East Lothian

I found my pathway to you by accident and thank goodness I did – you cleared the blocks I had hidden for years and now I can look forward to the future. Thank You

Annie Clark – East Lothian, Scotland

Just wanted to say THANK YOU – your work has made a huge impact on my life.

Ms Seyward, Tampa, Florida – February 2012

Do not know where that memory came from, but it just appeared – WHOW” – I had no idea that memory has had an influence on my life – I can now move on – thank you

South Tampa, Florida – March 2012

For years, I have never given time for me – after 2 sessions and being taken back to a childhood memory, I now know I deserve time for me and appreciate the things I have achieved. I have now booked a weekend break away. Thank you for my sessions.

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

February 2012

I am the one whom suggested Debbie become a match maker. She has taught each one of us how to heal ourselves. Every time I go to her I come away feeling “free”. She has helped me more than any other therapist. Debbie has helped me get in touch with the little girl inside of myself and has brought to the woman I am now. I am so enjoying my life, my freedom and I now realize I deserve a wonderful man in my life. I told her she knows all of her clients and knows of our “work” we each have done on ourselves. So she could suggest partners for each of us. lol More than anything Debbie has helped me believe and love myself. So love this woman.

Pamela Chaisson

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