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Transitional Journeys

Transformation is the process of change

I believe we all have our own path, and it may not be a simple journey. 

Our path may twist and turn and also have some roadblocks along the way.  We may feel stuck, frustrated and some of us may even want to give up. 


The key here is to accept who we are and learn from our own journey. 

We are not our yesterday and we are certainly not our tomorrow, but we are our NOW right here in the present. 


These transitional journey tools are here to support you as we work together in letting go of anything from your past that is preventing you from following your path.


Intuitive Reading and Guidance

Previous clients only


What is an Intuitive Guidance Session ?

During this session, Debbie shall listen to where you are at and what you want the outcome to be. The feeling you have about this is inside of you. Debbie connects to your feelings and together you explore the options allowing you to see things more clearly. At the end of the session, you shall have more calm, clarity and energy to move forward.

60 min
90 min

Mindset Reset

Previous clients only


Ideal for those clients who have had a 2 hour session and looking for a processing session or follow up.  

This session is also good for :

+ Returning clients who are looking for a housekeeping session with a new recording to listen to.

+ For those of you who want to feel more confident.  Examples being in preparation for an upcoming presentation, sitting an exam, calming nerves before your wedding day, feeling relaxed before surgery, going out on a date, attending an interview.

+ Clients who want to change their way of thinking as  their perception needs correction.

2 hour

Full Hypnotalk Session which includes a hypnotic programming session

New, Existing and Previous Clients


Ideal for new clients who have not worked with Debbie before.  This gives a full "back to the cause of the issue" session followed by a mindset reset programming at the end of the session.

Many clients choose this session for those looking to deal with their “over thinker”. 

For those of you who know what you want yet to struggle with the critical thinking, the self-sabotaging behaviours and want to regain your power. 

+ Working on resolving conflict to feeling more at peace 
+ Clearing any conflicting thoughts 
+ Custom-created hypnotic program recording to rewire redundant limiting beliefs and install new supportive ones

After 21 days, clients who have had this 2 hour session may opt to book a 90 minute follow up/processing session.


Dig Deeper

A day with Debbie in person

Starting from $1250

Location: Held at Tyneholm Orchard House OR SOHO Wellness Spa


The day consists of the following:

Getting comfortable with the process

Answering any concerns you may have with going into hypnosis

Discussing how your life will change having reached your goal

10 min break

Going back to the cause of the issue in hypnosis

Discovering the patterns which have been holding you back

Understanding and letting go of old negative beliefs and patterns

Emotional release

Freedom to visualize your life moving forward

30 min break/refreshment

Full Mindset Reset Programming

Erasing, Eradicating and Eliminating old negative beliefs

Reinstalling positive affirmations and suggestions



*Fees do not include travel and stay

Day with Debbie

“I have referred many of my patients over the past 5 years and continue to do so to Debbie Dubickas for Hypnotherapy.  

Many times, Debbie has been a miracle worker for my patients, helping them push through psychological barriers and keep progressing towards their goal of total emotional and psychological well being.

These are patients who mostly suffer from anxiety and depression and are on multiple medications.  At times, their medication is not enough to get them to where they want to be and feel. With hypnotherapy it takes them back to the root cause of their illness, times in their past when they first felt emotionally shut down, extremely anxious or profoundly sad.

Many of my patients tell me how easy it is to talk with Debbie. They comment how the breath work is so powerful, how it brings back memories that they had completely forgotten. It puts them in touch with their true self and results in profound insight and understanding which then lead to healing and wellness.

Whenever I sense that a patient is "stuck" due to psychological barriers from past experiences or trauma, Debbie is my "go to" person, to help get my patients back on track. She is truly amazing and never disappoints.”

Eric Weinstock, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist - July 2020


These sessions are created upon Debbie's experience working with clients and their goals. Upon the complimentary discovery call Debbie is then able to suggest the session that is best suitable for you to reach your ultimate goal. All session are non-refundable or exchangeable.

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