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Neuro Linguistic Practitioner's Certificate (NLP) Hypnotherapist Certification from the Fl
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For Debbie it has been a decade of personal change.  Moving to the USA from Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010 in the midst of a recession brought with it many mixed emotions.  

Leaving her hometown, friends and family to live in the land of opportunity was her dream, only it didn’t feel
Like that at the time.  

Thankfully the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy was a calling for Debbie.  Whilst her husband looked after their children, Debbie ventured out into a new career.  Studying during the day and being hands on mum in the evenings.  During this time her own self-discovery had begun. Her natural intuition grew stronger, and she trusted it more and more. She continued her education through other teachings and before long realized her biggest teacher were her clients.  Every session is different. She had found a passion in a service that changed clients' lives. An agreement of trust between them that gave a safe space to be.  

Today she continues to split her time in the UK, Spain and Tampa where her children and grandchildren live whilst continuing to follow her passion in being of service to others.

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