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Will one hypnotherapy session be enough to change me?

At least once a month a new client will ask me “How many sessions will it take for me to reach my outcome/goal” ?

My answer is always the same. This is a process. However at the end of each session, you will most definitely feel a positive shift in the right direction, or you may in fact reach your goal with only one session. The reason for this is simple - it is a process.

In hypnosis, we access the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious is where we store our memories, emotions, habits, imagination and the way we feel about ourselves, in other words, the beliefs and thoughts that we have perceived through childhood events.

In a hypnotherapy session, we are accessing the subconscious as well as the conscious awareness in order to investigate the cause of the issue most affecting my clients today. Any habit in the sub-conscious mind believes it is doing something good for you. This is known as a secondary gain, meaning, you are getting something good out of holding on to the negative habit or behaviour. A hypnotic programming session may not be enough for my clients’ to reach their goal, therefore, more deeper techniques may be needed.

No matter what techniques are suggested, I am ready for my clients and love the variety of issues I work on. From business coaching, energy clearing, mentoring, clearing conflict or going back to the cause, every session has my full focus, attention and commitment in working with my clients in getting them the break through they are looking for in order to reach their goal.

So yes, can one intense session of hypnotherapy be enough - most definitely !

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