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MEMBERS MONDAY - 26th June 6pm EST
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Why the membership?

After facilitating well over 20,000 sessions, Debbie wanted to write a book all about the various issues clients came to her with and how their lives have changed when they discovered the cause of their issues.  As Debbie would say, she is like a mind detective taking clients back to the cause of when they first perceived negative thoughts about themselves.  The book would be an educational source for others to uncover where the cause of their issues may have come from and once known, will be able to reset their mindset in the way they view themselves.   


Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day for Debbie to work with online and in person clients as well as writing a book. The idea of the Membership allows Debbie to create video content of various issues by carrying out an imaginary intake followed by an audio hypnotic programming session focusing on the mindset reset programming.


With a regular Q and A live membership group chat, Debbie makes herself available to delve deep into various issues, habits and negative patterns. Each Q and A shall have a different theme whereby Debbie shall discuss her knowledge and experience working in this area followed by answering your questions.


Debbie wears her Hypnotherapy/Coaching hat well. However, “In the chair with Debbie” gives Debbie the chance to take off her hat and just be. She wants to connect more with the members with her one and only hat on, being herself.​


Good morning Debbie, I wanted to first off say thanks for helping me along the journey of healing. I know without a doubt that your gifts helped me step into the woman that I have become.

I can see my vision coming together slowly and I am excited that I am finally ready to show up for other women to help them. I recently became a yoga instructor and will be adding healing modalities and self development workshops to my business model as well. I am sooooo thankful you helped me to remove limiting beliefs that were within. Sending you love
Tampa, Florida, 5/25/2023


What are you gaining from the membership?


More understanding of self - Debbie learned so much through the work she has been doing with her clients.


Hypnosis programming sessions

This is the key to the membership offer.

Affirmations are wonderful, however, when you are in an altered state of hypnosis, you are very awake and more acutely aware.  You are SUGGESTIBLE to take in positive and powerful suggestions.  This is the key.  These suggestions are going directly into your subconscious and with repetition and repetition, these suggestions become your truth.


Member Mondays

Live: last Monday of each month at 6pm EST - a catch up with Debbie


Member Mondays is a live private zoom only open to members whereby the code shall be emailed the night before to all members.  This is a time to ask Debbie anything that is on your mind, anything that you feel you want to share.  No topics are barred, and this time gives members an open space to just be. Debbie shall share her experience and guidance on issues based on the numerous sessions she has worked on. This is a time to know that you are not alone.  We are here for you.  



  • Similar to the book Debbie wanted to write stories 

  • There will be stories based on true events from her 20k client work

  • How the clients uncover the cause of their negative thinking which in turn is causing their negative issues.

  • Educationally in how our thoughts cause us to feel which cause us to act or react.


Workbooks - downloadable

  • Intimacy

  • Breathwork

  • Dealing with loss (jobs, death, children moving out, etc)

  • Deeper connection with yourself



  • Debbie encourages her members to bring their topics to the chair

  • These live sessions shall be recorded 

If you have a question, just send it directly to Debbie and the topic will be discussed during the live session.


DEBBIE D -  ADORA Brand Book.png

"I have been seeing Debbie for several months now and can honestly say it’s been transformative. I will admit, I was rather skeptical when I started, but I am so glad that I decided to give her a chance despite my doubts. I had some stubborn habits and deep-rooted beliefs that I’ve been working to improve for years with little success, but everything I wanted to address has improved significantly since working with Debbie. I can’t tell you the positive impact this has had on my life, I feel so free and in control of my experience, it’s wonderful. I would recommend Debbie to anyone, if you’re on the fence, give yourself the gift of taking a chance. This process works if you do the work."                                                                                                                                                   Victoria


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