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26th June - 6pm EST
Registration is open

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What are you gaining from the membership?


More understanding of self - Debbie learned so much through the work she has been doing with her clients.


Hypnosis programming sessions

This is the key to the membership offer.

Affirmations are wonderful, however, when you are in an altered state of hypnosis, you are very awake and more acutely aware.  You are SUGGESTIBLE to take in positive and powerful suggestions.  This is the key.  These suggestions are going directly into your subconscious and with repetition and repetition, these suggestions become your truth.


Member Mondays

Last Monday of each month at 6pm EST - a catch up with Debbie 


  • Similar to the book Debbie wanted to write stories 

  • There will be stories based on true events from her 20k client work

  • How the clients uncover the cause of their negative thinking which in turn is causing their negative issues.

  • Educationally in how our thoughts cause us to feel which cause us to act or react.


Workbooks - downloadable

  • Intimacy

  • Breathwork

  • Dealing with loss (jobs, death, children moving out, etc)

  • Deeper connection with yourself



  • Debbie encourages her members to bring their topics to the chair

  • These live sessions shall be recorded 

If you have a question just send it directly to Debbie and the topic will be discussed during the live session.

Membership Cancellation Policy.

Client’s Monthly membership ($49) will be automatically renewed each month and Yearly membership ($450) will be automatically renewed each year.

Client is required to pay the membership fee every month until: A cancellation request is given to "In the Chair with Debbie" 30 days prior to the next charge date.

The following cancellations steps are required to process cancellation.

1. Client can automatically cancel his/her membership in the Membership Area, under managing subscriptions. 

2. Alternatively, Client can get in touch via email and "In the Chair with Debbie" membership will be cancelled manually on behalf of the Client.

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