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Applying Hypnotherapy to Relationships

Debbie Dubickas does not claim to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. However during the course of facilitating over 7000 sessions, many of her clients have introduced their partners, children, other family members and business associates.  This has lead to Debbie working with couples, businesses and families alike to clear any conflicts which may be arising in their relationship.

This takes a willingness to change from all parties and then the work begins.  With hypnotherapy, we engage the full 100% of the mind, in order to bring to conscious awareness the deeper source of the difficulty in the relationship. Debbie begins by meeting the client/clients to assess the initial goal then speaks individually with each person to gain their trust and hear where they are at in the relationship. Individual sessions are then held (averaging 3) with Debbie and a meet up session of all parties involved is held at the end of the program.  

All of us have  “emotional triggers” which come from our belief system and thought process.  In effect we have been programmed during childhood in how to react in a situation before it actually happens.   Debbie works to reprogram the negative beliefs and emotions allowing her clients to have less buttons triggered in situations and be at peace with who they are.

This is why hypnotherapy is truly a mind and body therapy, since all the reactions, emotional and physical, are used to determine what this strong reaction that is out of proportion to the situation may be about. This is especially important if you are re-living  self-sabotaging relationships/behaviors.  Hypnotherapy helps us to see that we humans have a huge memory bank stored in the subconscious mind, and allows us to go back to the cause of these negative beliefs and emotions and transform them into truth.  Therefore living your life from illusion to truth.   

Are you are suffering from DMS (door mat syndrome) ?

Are you sick of self sabotaging relationships?

Are you battling fears of the unknown, success or failure?

Call Soho-Wellness at 813 284 7045 to schedule you complimentary consultation.

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