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Updated: Jun 20

Life is dictated by the choices you make. 

Make sure the choices you make are for your wellbeing first before others.

We all have the right to choose and we do. I guess it starts with whether you get up in the morning or stay in bed. Whether you take that promotion or not.  Whether you commit to relationship or not. Whether you take your time to choose or go for it right away.

I believe that lessons are here to be learnt from the choices we make even if the outcome was a positive one or one that we regretted.  Until we learn the lesson, we may keep making choices that we regret.  I do not know anyone that has made every right choice in their life time - do you ?

Now what makes some of us choose to take the risk and go for that opportunity when others shall walk away, stay stuck or question everything as a distraction and miss the opportunity.     It comes down to the confidence you have in yourself in the knowledge that you are going for it and no matter what happens, you give it your all and you grow from it.  

The insecure person holds back, at times may even play the victim, make excuses and may take longer to reach their goal, or change their goal many times.    Even then they may criticize themselves, doubt themselves and pull back from making any decisions to move forward - ie The Procrastinator who is filled with fear of failing.

I am here to tell you that the minute you change fear into excitement and opportunity, the energy within your body shines through and attracts support into your lives.  Your mind becomes more focused and clear and from that you become more familiar with praising yourself, you sees things so much more clearer.   With clarity you make decisions that are right for you.

We all deserve to live a fulfilled life - what does that life look like to you ? 

Close your eyes and see how life would be from a clear mind, going for what you truly want and achieving it?

For those of you who are ready to let go of your fears and insecurities and it is Mindset Reset time, feel free to listen to the recording below that is filled with position suggestions.

Listen to the recording here:

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