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Have you heard of PSYCHOSOMATIC pain ?

Updated: Jun 20

Do you suffer from aches and pains in your body, and no matter what medical tests have been carried out, there is no medical explanation? If so, read on.

Psychosomatic describes the relationship between the mind and the body. For example, I have seen an increase in doctor referrals asking me to work on issues such as Joe Blog’s shoulder pain, digestion problems, or migraines. After several medical tests, when nothing can be found to explain the pain, Joe is referred to me.

Together, Joe and I work on his psychosomatic pain. What is this pain denying or doing for Joe? How long has it been there? What was going on in Joe’s life when he first felt the pain? What triggers the pain?

During our sessions, Joe and I will discover the root cause of his emotional pain and understand the thoughts and patterns in his thinking that lead to physical pain in his body. There may be environmental factors or events in his life triggering his way of thinking, which exacerbates his symptoms.

What can be done?

A session starts the process of resetting Joe's mindset by changing the way he thinks. Changing his thought patterns alters the way his imagination perceives things. In turn, we change the images in his mind and the emotions attached to those thoughts. This allows Joe to take action rather than react negatively, which creates a different mental picture and activates the fight, flight, or freeze response, manifesting as physical symptoms that validate his negative thoughts. This keeps him stuck in a cycle of pain.

A healthy mindset and a positive way of thinking can help you feel more calm, confident, and healthy, with a decrease in physical pain. This process helps your body feel lighter, more comfortable, and relaxed.

Feel free to listen to the “Healthy Me” recording to begin the mindset reset process.

Listen to the recording here:

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