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Fed Up of Attracting Controlling Men ?

Same old, same old, I have done it again.  I feel mad with myself, why do I do it to myself?

If you can relate to this, then read on …

Falling into a healthy loving relationship comes easy and natural, a natural way of life. However falling in love with a controlling male may be saying something about you.  

Why are you attracting these men into your life ?  Why do you go back for more and more ?  Why is pain a way of life ?  Why do I have to work so hard to be loved ?  I can fix him, I shall try again, he is worth it ?

As a child, You may have perceived that in order to be loved, this took a lot of work, therefore in such a way, it was conditional.   Even though this may have been how love was experienced as a child for many woman, this does not have to be the case in your adult life.   It would have included a certain amount of emotional pain. This could have included feelings of rejection, abandonment, betrayal and violation.

These feelings would have had to have been repressed; because if they were revealed it may have lead to further control or even isolation. But these feelings haven’t disappeared; they will have remained in the body.

Once these feelings are released and you no longer feel comfortable with this kind of love, a woman will no longer be attracted to or attract men who are controlling. This process can be undertaken through the assistance of a hypnotherapist and various skilled techniques.

If you are ready to make that shift into loving yourself first and being worthy and deserving of love that comes natural and easy, then call Debbie now on 813 992 3330.

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