Children, Youth & Young Adults

There are many children’s behaviors and issues that hypnotherapy can help with. Children have such wonderful imaginations that  allow the hypnotherapist to induce a hypnotic state rapidly and safely. Some examples of this might include getting them to imagine taking off in a space craft or taking part in their favorite television program or movie. The majority of childhood complaints stem from unresolved emotional issues. Hypnotherapy can help access their developing minds to effect positive change now.

The majority of childhood complaints stem from unresolved emotional issues. Many children, for example, who suffer from bronchial asthma are anxiety-ridden, lack confidence, and are dependent on one or both of their parents to an extreme degree. There may be physical factors that are directly implicated, but often the parent is told that the child will “grow out of it”. In reality, often the child (and maybe even the parent) simply matures enough to resolve the emotional issues that triggered the problem in the first place.

Allergies are another problem suffered by children, and allergic reactions are often associated with stress. There can be a whole host of stressful events in a child’s life such as relations with siblings, school, dependency on a parent, fear of interaction with peer groups, and aggression towards one or both parents sometimes arising from a past traumatic event.
Hair pulling, nail biting, bed wetting, test anxieties, depressing and anxiety symptoms, fatigue, bullying, sports performance, pressure of family expectations and rejection issues.

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