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Breathwork Workshops


There are various types of breathwork such as shamanic breathwork, transformational breath, hylotropic breathwork, rebirthing and many more.  All of these breathing techniques allow the life force energy of the breath to go through you finding every nook and cranny in your body that may be holding in supressed and repressed emotions. Energy in motion brings up your emotions. The online breathwork program allows you to do this technique in the comfort of your own space where I shall facilitate the session.


Every breathwork session is different to the individual. 

However, the wonderful aspect of working with the breath is that nobody can do it wrong. 

Whatever is meant to happen in a breathwork session is meant to happen. I have had clients who breath 3 cycles of 10 minutes and then they tell me they have found their answers. 

I have clients that have yelled, cried, laughed and also those who have spoken with relatives that have passed over.

The workshop takes 120 minutes which goes like this:

15 minutes Introduction and Intention setting

60 minutes of breathwork in 10 minutes cycles

15 minutes coming back to your natural state of being 

30 minutes journalling and processing 

Having facilitated well over 10,000 in person breathwork sessions, I would recommend this technique to clients that were emotionally shut down and were in the need to let go of their barriers OR for those clients that had reached their goal and wanted to let go of any residue that they were holding onto.


Here are some of the advantages I have seen through facilitating breathwork sessions.  Some clients set an intention of the breathwork session and many just allow the breath to flow and remarkably the breath knows what they need to get out of the session:

Emotional Release 

Emotional and mental clarity 

Improvement in energy 

Relief from psychosomatic symptoms such as migraines, irritable bowel, anxiety and depression

Memory improvement

More motivation and creativity 

Decreased inflammation in the body

A state of peace

Feeling more connection with self 

The ability to sleep peacefully

Improved communication 

Having the ability to feel their emotions and express them

The list is endless .....

Self hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

In my many teachings, every teacher has told me the same thing “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis” and I would agree.


Have you ever been somewhere where you feel you are there, but your mind is somewhere else OR you are talking to someone and nodding your head at the same time as your thoughts are somewhere else - you are in hypnosis, and you have taken yourself there.

Pink Sofa

This workbook is for those members who are looking to:

Understand more about the power of the subconscious mind and how to access it.

Make their own hypnotic programming recordings and for family and friends (perhaps).

To learn how to test for suggestibility.

Unleash their curiosity. 

Learn how to make up positive suggestions.

Discover what your limiting beliefs are.

Learn how to go into hypnosis whereby your subconscious mind is open and receptive to taking in positive and powerful suggestions.


The workbook is in stages with live zoom classroom time with Debbie followed by members given time to complete their workbook prior to the next live zoom classroom time.


Total time for this Workbook to be completed 8 hours (which includes classroom time).


This is for education purposes only and not for any certification in hypnosis or equivalent.



If only we were given a "Manual on Parenting" setting out instructions on what to do and what not to do as parents to ensure all parents are giving their child the best emotional nurturing they deserve to grow into becoming a healthy adult.


As I have worked with clients on their present issue, we goes back the their inner childhood.   Many of my clients are parents and realize the importance on emotional connection and how allowing their own children to express their feelings is crucial in having a healthy emotional foundation.

Pink Theme Bouquet

Many of you as members may benefit from this workbook if you are looking to:

Understand the importance of being allowed to feel and show your feelings.

Better yourself as a parent.

Prepare yourself for parenthood.

Improve your parenting skills.

Accept yourself as having done the best you can and now are ready to learn and progress as a parent.

Understand the 4 ways in which children behave to gain you attention.

For those parents wanting a deeper connection with their children.

This is by no means a parent therapy session/workbook  - this is an educational tool to understand the importance of having a healthy emotional mind (lives in the sub conscious) and that the emotional mind is very young, normally 7 or 8 years old.


This workbook can be completed in your own time and may take up to 2 hours to complete.  

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