As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Debbie has worked with thousands of clients in helping them transform their relationships with themselves and others.   Debbie noticed there were many similarities with some clients.  Not only did the client transform but their spouse, significant other, family and even friends started to evolve with them.    


For those couples that were struggling with maintaining a healthy relationship, those couples looking to work on themselves before they got married and even the couples that were contemplating ending their marriage found working with Debbie to be very positive.


Debbie is not a Marriage Therapist, Couples Therapist or Licensed Professional in that area and does not claim to be.  However Debbie has created a unique transformational program with an individualized approach and system that will help hold couples accountable for joint outcome they want to achieve by working with her.

Whether this be to end their marriage as amicably as possible; to change unhealthy habits/behaviors in their relationship, improve communication,  become more intimate, work on clearing emotional blocks or to build a stronger unity between each other, Debbie works with couples in order to facilitate the transformation process.

After an initial consultation, Debbie will suggest the best  techniques to fit each individual and then work on a one to one basis with each party followed by a processing session with both.  Couples Mentoring can offer the opportunity to understand the deeper, more subconscious blockages and patterns in a relationship. The frustration of not feeling heard and understood can result in a detrimental outcome and is frequently linked to our earliest and most powerful emotional experiences.  The feelings of being alone in a relationship causes loneliness which in turn triggers some negatives actions to feel better which may be causing problems in a relationship.  Busy lives with work, children, pets and ongoing responsibilities may pull couples apart for months and even years living a very robotic existence.  Together Debbie works on finding the fun back in relationships and focusing on what is important whether it be better communication, more intimacy and trust or to come to the realization that the relationship has come to an end.

No matter what the issues are in a couples relationship, if the willingness to let go and work on a mutual positive outcome, then perhaps Couples Mentoring is the right match for you.  For further information, please call Debbie direct on 813 992 3330

Or if you prefer, email Debbie directly at