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Emotions are everything

I work with many clients that feel they are emotionally blocked and come to see me as it is affecting their lives in many ways.

Many are very successful in their business or career, yet in their intimate relationships, they have issues, problems.

No matter how hard they work and achieve, the one thing they struggle with is allowing themselves to get close to someone.  To love and be loved; To touch and fully be in the moment; To allow themselves to crave and have what they truly want, being a true authentic and loving relationship.  All in all, to allow themselves to feel from an open heart and less from the robotic living of being in their heads.

I believe many divorces and breakups may  have been avoided if only couples were truly open to working on themselves on all levels, physically, sexually and mentally.  No blame games; No control issues, just pure honest communication.

It was not my intention as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to work with Couples, yet things just happen for a reason and I go with it.  The Universe has had a strange way of bringing clients to me and I do not question it.  I work with clients alone as well as Couples in facilitating the unblocking of their suppressed emotions to allow themselves to let go and live a meaningful fulfilled life.  It takes work in letting go of the past allowing you to live in the moment, moving forward to an exciting future yet we are all capable of doing this, if we are willing to let go.

If you are feeling your relationship is going in the opposite direction and want to work on bringing it back from an open heart, healthy communication and real intimacy, please give me a call on 813 992 3330.

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