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Your Own Praise

Many of my clients struggle to give praise to themselves.

They cannot and will not look in the mirror.

They cannot and will not treat themselves.

They cannot and will not give time for themselves BUT they will compliment, give praise to and give their time to others.

I believe that as children we wanted and loved the attention of getting a “Well Done” from our teachers, family and friends and this became an encouragement to do well at something.

It may even have lead to the “Perfectionist” in some adults as they yearned for their “High” feeling of accomplishment, recognition, that pat on the back, all of which is giving them their “High” good feeling that they longed for as a child.

I believe praising yourself is the key to improving your self confidence and the catapult jump to getting you to where you want to be. Confidence is completely reliant on what you believe about yourself. Here are some tips on how to praise yourself :

Recognize the negative thinker

This is the voice in your head that brings your down “you should do this - this will always be - this will never happen …… “. Now it is time to call the voice out by having your own self talk in your head. Once you do this, the voice becomes quieter. Trust me, this works, it is called reframing your thoughts.

Reframing thoughts may be

I got this - I am choosing to work smarter, not harder - I am easily managing any challenge that comes my way - that was me as a kid, it is not me now - I do my best and that is enough, I was born enough, my creativity motivates me to take action, it is safe now to feel and express my feelings, vulnerability is power, I am doing great and it feels good, well done me, this is so exciting.

Remind yourself that you are your biggest influencer.

It is okay to say well done to yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Look after your mind and body. Allow time to give thanks and appreciation for being you as well as appreciation to others. Go get your hair done, go on the fishing trip, sleep in at the weekend, have some alone time.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Yes - talk to yourself - laugh with yourself and your own uniqueness will grow.

Goal Setting

Whether you plan on doing the laundry, making the next deal, finishing a project, going on that date or taking time out - Remember to praise yourself for achieving this and give yourself the next goal to aim for

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