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Have you suffered enough?

Having worked with thousands of clients, I have dealt with many issues, habits and symptoms and believe it or not, some people will keep suffering and hold onto their issue/problem/habit.  

So much so, they look on me being the facilitator as the enemy, the one who is calling them out.   The question I ask myself, and my client, is “What are you getting out of having this behavior/issue/symptom ?”

This is known in my world as the secondary gain or negative payoff in having their problem.  For many it is the feeling of significance.  They are being heard, they are being noticed.  For others it is numbing the pain and hurt.  For even more it is validating the victim they feel inside. For the majority, they have suffered enough and are ready to let go of what is no longer serving them in order to live a fulfilled and healthy life.

What I do as a Hypnotherapist is work with my clients in reaching their goals.  The vision they see from a healthy mindset is a victory every client is worthy of.   A life everyone truly deserves when they decide to let go of their suffering.  It is clearly a process and one session most of the time is not enough for a significant shift.  It is also hard work and you as the client do most of it !

If you have suffered enough and are ready to change the battle within your own thoughts then perhaps now is the time to change.  Call Soho-Wellness NOW and book your free consultation on 813 512 6920 – Make This The Time To Change

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*Disclaimer:  Hypnosis is a co-operative partnership between the client and the facilitator to create change in both the conscious and subconscious space. I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Mental Health Professional. As such, hypnotherapy services performed are non-therapeutic and not intended to take the place of professional counseling, medical, or psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. I do not work on pain or diagnosed mental or physical conditions without the referral from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts per Florida Statues Section 485. If you are under the care of a medical professional for any condition for which you are seeking hypnosis support, please obtain a signed, written referral from your provider prior to engaging me and moving forward with related sessions. I look forward to helping you create Powerful Positive Change! 

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