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The Well of Passion is Never Ending

So many of us do not know what our passion is?

We are stuck and clouded as to what we want, where we are going and who we want to spend our time with.

Once we let go of our blocks, allow our emotions to flow and I mean all our emotions to flow, we are then in a position to allow our passion to come through.

From a peaceful state, our answers come to us and decisions are made. Our Well of Passion allows us to feel – feel love, drive, happiness and energy. With passion, we commit, take action and follow through.

We must be in a healthy place to take action which leads to results which is progression. Remember we all create our own reality and it does not have to come from our “Story”, our “Past” or “Childhood Perceptions”. We have the power to make choices that is right for all of us and that starts today by focusing on what each and everyone one of us wants and allows ourselves to believe that we deserve it.

My Well of Passion is the Ocean.


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