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My Story - How Covid-19 forced me to change to online sessions

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I would never have imagined myself being an Online Hypnotherapist. The thought of not being able to be in the same room, hugging my clients, interacting with my clients and using the “touch” techniques to guide them into hypnosis and through a Hypnotherapy Session was unthinkable.

Due to the Stay at Home Order having been announced, I left my Tampa office on March 22nd 2020 not knowing when I would be back in there, offering client sessions. My own fears and uncertainties had come to the surface and all I wanted was to make sure my kids and family in Europe and the USA were safe and well.

Thank you to today’s technology, regular contact with friends and family in Madrid, UK and the USA made me realise that this could move on to offering client sessions online.

Having seen an average of 20 clients per week for the last 9 years, my mind and body enjoyed the rest but after 2 weeks, I logged back on to my emails and genuinely wondered how my clients were doing through this fearful time. Within a day of texting and reaching out, my schedule filled up with online sessions. My working day began at 10 am and ended at 5pm, 3 days a week. I loved getting back into a working routine and actually felt so much more focused and prepared with no other distractions from the busy Tampa office. Online bookings and payments were in hand and all documents were sent and received back prior to the session. I was delighted with how smooth this transition was going.

The feedback from existing clients were good, however, some preferred seeing me in person. The new clients, who had not met me before, were very pleased with how effective the sessions were. That was it for me - online was the new normal in moving forward. I opened a Zoom account and have never looked back. My website was relaunched by way of the “new normal”.

I spoke with my daughter Becky (who has had many sessions with me) and explained that I felt more present and focused during an online session and my listening skills were unbelievable when I repeated back a client’s issue. On reflection, I now believe that clients can have a close connection and interaction during an online session as long as he/she feels comfortable with me. My intuitive hypnotherapy kicks in as I feel what it is like for the client to have their issue/behaviour and the transformation process begins.

I did have a slight doubt as to whether my intuitive hypnotherapy voice would feel the same working with a client online rather than in person. That doubt was squashed very quickly indeed. I feel the same connection with my clients as long as they are comfortable with me and the process. More often than not, a number will come into my head. I have no idea where this comes from, it is just the number in my thought. This is normally the age of the inner child that has suppressed their emotions from an event in their childhood. When the client feels that and I feel it too, a remarkable shift of letting it go takes place when the cause of their negative beliefs are understood. With the understanding of where these limiting beliefs came from, forgiveness and letting go is very often the result, freeing the client to be the real, healthy and open self.

In summary, no matter what the issue is, clients only have the few unresolved relationships in the sub-conscious from their childhood. We resolve the way the client’s inner child viewed the world and we work together to change. It is quite remarkable.

I believe online sessions are the way forward, however I continue to offer in person office sessions. For those clients that have been used to working with me, or they refer someone to me, of course I shall see them in the Tampa location. For those clients wanting a breath work session, once again I shall facilitate these in person in my office. However by offering online sessions, I can reach so many more clients both in the UK and the USA.

If you would like an online session with me, please email me at or click book a session on my website.

Thank You

Debbie D

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