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Stop saying SORRY

Do you know anyone that says “#Sorry” for everything they think they should or should not have done as well as saying “Sorry” for what other’s may not have done ? In other words, saying “Sorry” is part of their identity. It is an automatic reaction.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, it takes me a few moments with a client to recognise which part of them I am speaking with. In the case of the clients that say “Sorry”, that normally happens when they drop the pen, sneeze, have to be excused to go to the rest room or even when they take a glass of water from me and a drop or two spills.

What exactly are they sorry for, I ask myself and the answer is, they do not know BUT in someway it is their fault so they had better say “sorry”, it is safer that way. To me, I see an adult that has low self esteem and very scared of feeling their emotions so they may as well apologise all the time as a precautionary measure or acceptance that it is them - I recognise shame and the fear of being judged.

In the Hypnotherapy World I choose to live in, I see “Sorry” as a childlike word and my adult client is taking things personally on automatic pilot coming from their inner child.

I often regress my client back to the cause of he/she believing it is their fault in some way, that they have done something wrong and it always goes back to a rather scared little one, a scared child who is sorry for feeling because he/she is not allowed to feel and they push down their feelings. Essentially he/she has been apologising throughout her life on the assumption that she was unwanted or unwelcome and had to let everyone know that she was aware of it and appreciated the world’s tolerance for her/him being here at all.  

Saying “Sorry” too much is a common issue for many of my clients. In fact I see it more in women than men. However continually saying “sorry” may mean you are saying sorry for being here. Over time this not only undermines your self-worth but also your capacity to manifest #abundance in all aspects of your life.

Working with the “Sorry” Part in the #subconscious is the key here. Finding out what it is doing for you ? How long has it been a part of you and what does that part want for you ? What is the part’s highest intention for you ? That part may be protecting you, punishing you or wanting you to feel your feelings. Through our session, we transform that part of you, building you up to feel confident within yourself. From that place, for sure, you may #apologise for your actions at times but the need to say “Sorry” is gone.

After you have been re-programmed into a #confident you, some of my clients really feel that they are more aware of when they want to blurt out “Sorry” and they STOP IT. Soon my clients recognise there is no need to say “Sorry” yet it is okay to apologise for their actions if they felt they were inappropriate in any way at all.

Our thoughts, the driving force to the emotions which drive the behaviours, one of being “Sorry” at least 10 times a day. If you are ready, or know of anyone that is ready, to let go of such a behaviour/issue, then perhaps hypnotherapy is a good fit for you or them.

It is time to grow up !

Download Debbie's voice recording here

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